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D-Amp had the vision to design amplifiers that offer the best technology to customers at the lowest price. Since 1999, D-Amp has designed and manufactured audio amplifiers that surpass the competition in power and performance. Although, D-Amps are 4 to 10 times smaller and lighter than the competition, D-Amp has constantly increased reliability and power, while surpassing the competition in audio quality. One of D-Amp's many design criteria was to design amplifiers of 1 rack space (1,75" high). The first D-Amp series, (Series 1), quickly made itself an excellent reputation. The first 1600 model provided 800 watts per channel into 4ohms. The 1600 model quickly became the reference in the industry. One year later, the 2000 model provided 1600 watts per channel into 4ohms. This model rivaled the reputation of the smaller 1600 model. Then in answer to consumer demands, the 1200 model was produced. The 1200 model provides 600 watts per channel into 4ohms. This was not enough.

So, in 2005 a revolutionary new series was born, the HVI providing 2000, 3000 and 4000 watts per channel into 4 ohms. These amplifiers have kept the same size and rack mount dimensions as the original Series 1, but provides up to 5 times more power. The HVI Series was an astounding success. In 2006, D-Amp invested in research and development to completely re-design the first series with the intent of offering more power and reliability, at a competitive price. Many innovations such as over excursion speaker protection; ultra fast and auto-adjust limiters, energy recovery speakers; and higher efficiency switching power supplies are only some of the innovations to be found in products offered by D-Amp.

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