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HVI Serie
This is the high end of the D-Amp series of amplifiers. The HVI series is the lightest and most compact amplifier on the market. It's dual/ mono configuration yields total independence on each channel. With power of 4000 to 12 000 watts RMS, 97% effiency and a revolutionary protection system for the amplifier and the speakers, the HVI series is the right choice for touring, rave, and large night clubs.
DLS Serie
The DLS series was the entry level series. The extremely light 6 pound weight and an effiency of over 92% make award to this series. Power ranging from 800 to 3000 watts, with an integrated crossover and easy to configure input. The DLS Series is the right choice for any application.
DLS Multichannel
This series has been design to fit in small rack where space is a concern. It was the ideal choice for restaurant, pubs, store and home cinema. At a affordable price, with 4 to 6 channels, easy configuration input, integrated zone mixer and up to 350 watts on each channel, DLS multi channel is dedicated for your application.
Serie Commercial
The Commercial Series with up to 1200 watts of power, this 70V line series amplifier will fulfill all your needs. Even if you need multi channel, this series provides 92% efficiency, with no worry about thermal issues. Designed specially for ''arenas'', shopping centers, outdoor sports courts and big outdoor areas, this amplifier will give you satisfaction you require from a high powered commercial amplifier.
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